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# : Thu, 18 Jan 1996 22:30:07 -0500 Subject: new Pat Dailey song for ftp JUST HOW DRUNK ARE WE GONNA GET? performed by Pat Dailey, written by Shel Silverstein F C Just how drunk are we gonna get? F Don't ask me, I don't know yet. F Bb I just walked in and we just met. C And there's 20 more bars that we're still gonna hit. F C Will I have a single? Will you have a double? F Will we get mello? Will we get in trouble? F Bb Will we get lucky? Will we get stinko? C C7 Will we stay sober? No, I don't think so. CHORUS: F C Just how drunk are we gonna get? F Don't ask me, I ain't there yet. F Bb I got a whistle that still aint wet. C So just how drunk are we gonna get. Will we start dancing and singing loud? Will we jump on the bar and moon the crowd? Will you get goosed? Will I get molested? Will we get cheered or will we get arrested? CHORUS Will I get in a fight? Will I wreck my car? Will I barf on my shoes and leave the bar with somebodys wife that I've never known, or will I get really drunk and go home to my own? CHORUS 6X and fade

Акорди «Just How Drunk», «Dailey Pat»

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