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# Date: Sun, 23 Jul 1995 11:01:50 -0700 : 95/10/15 Am F C G It's 6.00 a.m. and even Big Ben Am F C G Is trying to get his head down for a kip Am F But no sooner is it down C G And then it's on with dressing gown Am F C G For this city very rarely loses grip C G F G But I have a friend who's never up by 10.00 C G F G He's fast asleep with mouth open wide C G F G He's lost a lot of jobs, but he's won a lot of friends C G F G And he says to me, he cannot tell the time Am F C G It's 7.00 a.m. and we're coghing up the phlegm Am F C G Spitting out the taste of night before Am F And we'll vomit and we'll choke C G Just to climb their tatty rope Am F C G Well this city has it's charm, and is't claw C G F G And he'll blame his clock or he'll say he's lost his socks C G F G And they'll tell you that he's been bitten by a snake C G F G His excuses are an art from the bottom of his heart C G F G And he thinks of them whenever he awakes Am F C G It's 8.00 a.m. and we're on the road again Am F C G Racing for a placing at the top Am F And it says green for go C G For the people in the know Am F C G But for the others all it says red for stop C G F G It's cold and it's damp and they've dug him a grave C G F G And the 10.15 merchants still in bed C G F G And scrawled upon the headboard for the whole wide world to see is C G F G "Died In The Arms Of Big Ted" Original played in F-Major! Seite 2 von 2

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