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# Subject: More V.H. licks Atomic Punk/Dancin in Streets : Sun, 28 May 1995 03:06:23 -0400 Off of VH #1 and diver down for sure. Here is the beginning lick of Atomic Punk.Use a flanger,or combfilter,and a tad o' slapback delay for the Sliding noise effect.The partial rhythm for Dancing in the Street's is a distorted heavily echo timing thing. Oh maybe if you want to try a different thing for the Atomic Punk you can add a wah into the signal and roll it back a little and give it a try. This seem's to make it more fatter or give it just the right hint of sustain when you need it.I think.Tune those babies down a 1/2 step too. Atomic Punk by V.H. intro _ use vibrato _= whammy a few times[re 7] e b _ g 7 8 7 d 5 04 7Sl.8 5 04 a * * * play twice 7 5 6 7 e * * * * * * 0 0 *=scratch srings with edge of palm in like a rhythm of three.You really need the flange for this and echo would add a cool effect if you time it rite.

Аккорды «Atomic Punk», «Van Halen»