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# Dance With the One That Brought You - Sam Hogin & Gretchen Peters (recorded by Shania Twain) Intro: C Bb F C C Well he shines like a penny in a little kid's hand Bb When he's out on a Saturday night C G He's a real go-getter and the best two-stepper you'll see C But when I'm sitting alone at a table for two Bb F Cause he's already out on the floor C G C G I think about something that my mama used to say to me C Chorus: You got to dance with the one that brought you Bb F Stay with the one that wants you C G The one who's gonna love you when all of the others go home C Don't let the green grass fool you Bb F Don't let the moon get to you C G C Dance with the one who brought you and you can't go wrong Bb F C C He's got his old best buddies and his new best friends Bb F And the girls all give him the eye C G He's a good time Charlie and the life of the party tonight C But when I think about another well I don't think twice Bb F Cause there'll never be another like him C G C G I know he really loves me and I think maybe that mama was right Chorus F C G You've got to dance with the one that brought you C And you can't go wrong Bb F C

Аккорды «Dance With The One», «Twain Shania»

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