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Cage Chords by Travis Capo 3rd fret Vrs. 1 D G A D You broke the bread, we drank the wine, D G A Asus4 Your lip was bleedin but it was fine, D G A D Come on inside, babe, across the line, D G A Asus4 I love you more than I. Chrs. D G A D But then this bird just flew away, Bm F# G She was never meant to stay, Em A D Oh to keep her caged, would just delay the spring Vrs.2 - Same as first verse You broke your word, now thats a lie, We had a deal that you would try, Come on inside girl, I think it's time, High time we drew the line. Chrs. Middle (Oh.. Oh...) For this part just play around with the D chord and try xx0030. Then D, G, A, Asus4 and D. Vrs.3 You broke my sould dear, you stole the plot, You left an empty shot, There's nothing left here, cos you took the lot. An empty cage is all Iv'e got. Chrs. On the last line play: Em A Asus4 D Dsus4 D Dsus4 To keep her caged, would just delay the spring

Аккорды «The Cage», «Travis»

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