Аккорды и текст песни «The Return Of The Son Of Nothing», «Tiamat»

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Intro a (four times) Intro b Intro a (играется плавно) The warrior went back to Rome The nomads settled for solid homes The crusader returned to heathen The snake searched for garden of Eden The manikin went back in her cocoon And NASA flew back to the moon The great white returned to the coral reef As the geisha stepped up on a water lily leaf Intro b Everything was like before And the pharaohs killed the first born son Good lord Jesus Christ went back to his whore The whore went back to Babylon Part 1(two times) Далее опять Intro a The pope went back on the dole And Santa flew back to the northpole Judas went back to Nazareth And the president back in his jet The raven flew back to Hades And the shemales went back to the eighties The dandy went back to Perth And the dead went straight back to birth На первом плане играет плавное соло Но что играет на втором плане не определил,возможно синтезатор или скрипка Solo (two times) Вместе с соло (four times)

Аккорды «The Return Of The Son Of Nothing», «Tiamat»