Аккорды и текст песни «4000 Rainy Nights», «Stratovarius»

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подбор: Черёмушкин Вован Вступление Am F Am C G Am F G Am F These empty days are filling me with pain. Am F After I left it seems my life is only rain. Am F My heart is longing to the better times. G When everything was still so fine. Am F I wonder why it happens so fast. Am F Am You give your heart away knowing it might not last. G I´m still here waiting for the rain to fall and to see you once again Am F 4000 Rainy nights, Am C G 4000 nights I´d be with you, Am F G 4000 Rainy nights with you. Am F I keep your memory in my heart, Am F you give me hope when everything is so dark. Am F That thing nobody can take away, G forever in me 4000 Rainy...

Аккорды «4000 Rainy Nights», «Stratovarius»

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