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{title:Carry On} {st:Stephen Stills} {c:Intro} [Dsus] [D] [Dsus] [D] [Dsus] [D] [Dsus] [D] [C]One morning I [G]woke up and I [F]knew you were really [D]gone [C]A new day, a [G]new way, and [F]new eyes to see the [D]dawn [Am]Go your [Em]way, I'll go mine and carry [D]on [C]The sky is [G]clearing and the [F]night has cried [D]enough [C]The sun he [G]comes the [F]world to soften [D]up [Am]Rejoice, [Em]rejoice, we have no choice but to carry [D]on The [C]fortunes of [G]fables are [F]able to see the [D]stars Now [C]witness the [G]quickness with [F]which we carry [D]on To [Am]sing the [Em]blues, you've got to live the dues, and carry [D]on {c:Bridge} [D]Car[C]ry [Am]on love [C]is [G]coming, [Am]love [C]is [G]coming to us [D]all [D]Where are you going [Am]now my love? [C]Where will you be [D]tomorrow? [D]Will you bring me [Am]happiness? [C]Will you bring me [D]sorrow? [D]Are the questions [C]of a [Am]thousand [G]dreams [D]what you [C]do and [Am]what you [G]see [D]Lover, [C]can you [G]talk to [D]me? [D]Girl, when [Am]I was on my own [C]chasing you [D]down [D]what was it [Am]made you run, [C]tryin' your best just to [D]get around [D]The questions [C]of a [Am]thousand [G]dreams [D]what you [C]do and [Am]what you [G]see [D]Lover, [C]can you [G]talk to [D]me?

Аккорды «CarryOn», «Stephen Stills»