Аккорды и текст песни «Black Magic Woman», «Santana»

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intro ..... ..... ..... rake (organ solo) Dm Got a black magic woman Am Got a black magic woman Dm Yes i've got a black magic woman Gm Got me so blind i can't see Dm That she's a black magic woman Am Dm Got the devil on me Bass lines Dm Am Dm Gm Solo slow bend got your spell on me babe h = hammer on p = pull off b = bend r = release bend = slide ~ = let ring Intro: Теперь басы Intro, bass enters at 00:06 (00:29) (00:43) End of Intro That's pretty much the bassline for the whole song, except for some variations. This is a variation used at the beginning of the song. Around 1:03 This is one variation from when it goes from D to G. There are more than this, but I have only figured this one out. It is used again at 3:06 Variation from A to D plus another variation from D to G around 1:55. The D to G part is used again at 2:43 Gypsy Queen. |this section repeats for a while | Until

Аккорды «Black Magic Woman», «Santana»

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