Аккорды и текст песни «Spending My Time», «Roxette»

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Am What´s the time? F G Seems it´s already morning. Am I see the sky, Dm G It´s so beautiful and blue. Am The TV´s on, F G But the only thing showing D Dm Is a picture of you. Am Oh, I get up F G And make myself some coffee. Am I try to read a bit, F G But the story´s too thin. Am I thank the Lord above F G That you´re not here to see me D Dm In this shape I´m in. G Spending my time, D Watching the days go by. Am Feeling so small, C I stare at the wall, Am Hoping that you D Think of me too. G I´m spending my time. I try to call But I don´t know what to tell you. I leave a kiss On your answering machine. Oh, help me please, Is there someone who can make me Wake up from this dream? Spending my time, Watching the days go by. Feeling so small, I stare at the wall, Hoping that you Are missing me too. I´m spending my time. Watching the sun go down. I fall asleep To the sound of "tears of a clown", A prayer gone blind. I´m spending my time. Am C My friends keep telling me: G D Hey, life will go on, Am C G Time will make sure I´ll get over you. Am C This silly game of love - G D You play, you win only to lose.

Аккорды «Spending My Time», «Roxette»