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Аккорды и текст песни «Supreme», «Robbie Williams»

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E5 Em Am D G Cmaj7 F# F#sus4 E5/F#5 B Em Am Oh it seemed forever stopped today D All the lonely hearts in London G Caught a plane and flew away Cmaj7 And all the best women are married F# All the handsome men are gay F#sus4 You feel deprived Em Am Yeah are you questioning your size? D Is there a tumour in your humour? G Are there bags under your eyes? Cmaj7 Do you leave dents where you sit? F# Are you getting on a bit? F#sus4 -> E5/F#5 Will you survive B You must survive Chorus: Em C When there´s no love in town G B This new century keeps bringing you down Em C All the places you have been G B Trying to find a love supreme E5 A love supreme Oh what are you really looking for? Another partner in your life To abuse and to adore? Is it lovey dovey stuff? Do you need a bit of rough? Get on your knees Yeah turn down the love songs that you hear ´Cause you can´t avoid the sentiment That echoes in your ear Saying love will stop the pain Saying love will kill the fear Do you believe You must believe Chorus I spy with my little eye Something beginning with (ah) Got my back up And now she´s screaming So I´ve got to turn the track up Sit back and watch the royalties stack up I know this girl she likes to switch teams And I´m a fiend but I´m living for a love supreme Chorus Come and live a love supreme Don´t let it get you down Everybody lives for love Come and live a love supreme Don´t let it get you down Everybody lives for love

Аккорды «Supreme», «Robbie Williams»

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