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: 20 Aug 1994 14:51:36 GMT Newsgroups: rec.music.makers.guitar.tablature Subject: REQ: Photograph by Merchant/Jms A while ago there was a benefit album called _Born to Choose_. On this album there is a song called _photograph_ sung by Natelie Merchant and M. stipe. I am including the words i came up with...Could someone please come up with the tabs? Hope there is someone out there who enjoys this song as I. P H O T O G R A P H I found this photograph underneath a broken picture glass Tender face of black and white, beautiful with haunting sighs Looked into an angel smile captivated all the while From the hat and clothes she wore...out of place and in between the ______? Was she willing when she said those of pretty photographs Savor flowering and pen the days will come and days to share (?) Big smile for the camera how did she know Moment could be lost forever...forever more I found this photograph stashed between the old joyce (?) walls In the place where time is lost...lost behind the whole thing fall (?) Broken books and calendars letters scripted in careful hand Music to stand the tune by some forgotten bigbrass band From the threshold whats' to see about brave new century For television's just a dream radio and silver screen Was her childhood filled with lies...stolen books of passion crimes Was she innocent of life to the cruelty of her time Was she fearful in her day...was she hopeful did she pray Were there skeletons inside...family secrets sworn to hide Did she feel the heat that stirs...fall from grace a way of the earth Was she tempted to pretend in love and laughter till the end.

Аккорды «Photograph.lyr», «R.E.M.»

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