Аккорды и текст песни «Preach», «P.O.D.»

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Dropped D tuning Verse: Play with a sustain kind of distortion. When I'm on this microphone you know I make myself clear With the power, with the love, with the boldness Look in my eyes and remember who told you this D variation: (Let it ring) Talk all you want, I don't fear any man Cuz ya frontin' ain't nothin but words to me You never had the stuff and your butt ain't crazy enough (D variation) Then the bass will play this: My King is He in the power of Three (Verse) So what you want you ain't down with us You get so scared, so mad when I say the word Jesus (D variation; let ring) I ain't down, you preach too much But if you ask me boy, I think I don't preach enough I tell you God is real, so don't miss the boat But since we come off hard, you say we shove it down your throats (D variation; stop after you play it) (Bass) You wanna talk that talk, walk that walk then I'm the only person you see, but it ain't me that you mock Man is nothing, but you think that you're bad fool If it wasn't for my God, I would have already had you Then: (Palm mute the D chord a little bit) And if so, are you willing to die for it Cuz, I am, He is my life And I don't fear death cuz he already paid the Price All your talk and are your threats ain't jack, Blaspheme my God, Yo punk I'm not having that, Turn away it's your own loss Cuz all I can do is just take them to the cross Let the D ring and then do the variation to end the song.

Аккорды «Preach», «P.O.D.»