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# Isabel By Jose Luis Perales : 7/10/95 New York City This was the best I could do to my best of my abilities, whatever that means! I wrote some of the lyrics but the rest you'll have to listen to from the CD or Cassette or whatever you have. Anyway coments are apreciated . Complains are allowed. Lawsuits prohibited. Corrections are welcome. intro: |D A G A7| Verse lines : 1st. line of verse D A El a contado que vive tan solo por verte a ti 2nd. line of verse G D El ha contando que el es su unico amor. 3rd. line of verse D A 4th. line of verse G D 5th. line of verse G D 6th. line of verse Bm D 7th. line of verse G D 8th. line of verse G D Chorus: Bm A Isabel por que le fuiste fiel G F#7 Si no estas voy a morir de amor. Bm A Isabel estoy pensando en ti G F#7 Me canse de ser testigo fiel. Bm A Yo tambien me enamore de ti. G D Isabel quiero decirte adios.

Аккорды «Isabel», «Perales Jose Luis»

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