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ALBUM: Left Of The Middle INTRO: F, Eb/add9, Bb (x2) VERSE: F Eb/add9 Take your hand and place it in my pocket Flick your eyes back in their sockets Bb F Put those thoughts away sometimes they're much too loud Eb/add9 I'll take a breath and cradle your sweet head Bb Should've stayed at home in bed F Put that face away I'm melting for you PRE-CHORUS: Bb I know Dm I get cold F Cause I can't leave things well alone Understand I'm accident prone Bb Me Dm I'll get free Eb Bb Every night the moon is mine CHORUS: F But when the morning comes Eb/add9 Don't say you love me Bb Don't say you need me F I really don't think that's fair Boy I'm not so dumb Eb/add9 But when you leave me Bb F I'll be wishing I, wishing I, wishing I was there

Аккорды «Wishing I Was There», «Natalie Imbruglia»

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