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Title : Orabidoo Climax By : Mike Oldfield Album: A bag of secrets, "As performed live in Paris" Transcriber: CNL Date: 24 February 1999 Legenda: b = bend up r = release ~ = trill h = hammer p = pull / = slide to neck = slide from neck (8) = keep note ringing || = repeat from * Lead Guitar riff 1, slightly different then the record * triplet Distorted Guitar (after 4 power chords, Em5 | D5 | D5 | Em5 ?) arpegio sweep style h h p h p Hammering guitar(stretch your fingers :) p p h p h p p ring h The fast part (fasten your seatbelts) h h h h h h h h h h h e[-12-14-15-17-|-19-17-15-17-14-15-17-14-15-17-|17-15-14-15-12-14-15-12-14-15| I don't like his bends so i play this instead (just these 2 measures) h h p p e[19-17-15-17-14-15-12-14-15-|-12-15-20-22-19-20-19-| Thats all, have fun with it !

Аккорды «Orabidoo (3)», «Mike Oldfield»