Аккорды и текст песни «Theyre Playin Our Song», «Mccoy Neal»

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: Wed, 20 May 1998 10:30:21 PDT song:They're playin our song by: Neal McCoy G C G D Some(G)body's at the front door, I can(Am7)hear'em knockin', Your(C)mama's on the phone and she(G)feels like talkin' There's chicken in the barbecue, (Am7)barbecuein' Don't (C)worry bout it baby just, (D)drop what you're doing, Chorus: Cause they're(G)playin our song on the(C)radio, okay Mister D.J. and a(D)way to go, A mil(G)lion watts of love power(C) comin'on strong, Dance(G)with me darlin, they're(D)playin' our(G)song. G C G D Oh, the house needs cleanin, the grass needs mowin', We both got places that we need to be goin', Tomorrow's a big day, better get ready, but tonight it's just you and me, rockin steady. repeat chorus: 2x's

Аккорды «Theyre Playin Our Song», «Mccoy Neal»