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: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 17:30:05 -0400 (EDT) Subject: TAB: Crash by Dave Matthews Band The song starts out in Dave's special version of C#m7 4/4 - time C#m7 : x42400 You've got your ???? : x02400 ball you E5/B : x22400 got your E5 : 022400 chain E5/G#: 4x2400 Tied to me ?????: x02400 tie me tied t- E5/B : x22400 ie me up a- E5 : 022400 gain Repeat... This progression goes on throughout the song. It is important to remember to hit the bass notes perfectly. The first bass not is a C#, A, B, E, G#, A, B, E... and so on and so on. You'll notice Dave and Steffan doing the same in most concerts. You'll need to listen to the song to get the write rythm down, it shouldn't be too difficult at all. When he say's "Crash, into me, yeah" it goes like this: the notes with (*) by them are just bass notes G#,A, B E G#* A* B* D/F# Crash, In to Me, Yeah D/F#: 2x0230 After this, the standard progression starts over. Have fun, it's a beautiful song.

Аккорды «Crash», «Matthews Dave Band»