Аккорды и текст песни «What It Is (2)», «Mark Knopfler»

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What is it :Dire Straits Transcrit par Franck Birambaux     Intro:   F#m    A  | D     E   |             F#m         | D     E   | X3      F#m                                  D    E           F#m                               D         E          F#m                              D          E   F#m                                                    A                                        D                                                              A               E Drink and dance are spilling out and straggering in the square    There’s lads and lasses falling about and a crackelling in the air Then around the dungeon doors there’s shelters in the queues    Everybody’s looking for somebody’s arms to fall into   F#m     D     E                                F#m                D   E It’s what it is                               It’s what it is now F#m                                                            A                                                              D                                             A             E Here’s frost on the graves and the monuments but the taverns are warm in town ,People curse the government and shovel  hot food down Lights are out in cityhall ,the castle and the keep,                    Moon shines down upon it all  the legless and the sleepless   D                                      A                       Cold on a tollgate where the wagons creeping through D                                     A                  E Cold on a tollgate   God knows what I can do F#m                             D                  E                  F#m                D                    E Hmm that’s what it is                                        It’s what it is now                Riff1   F#m                                                          A                                                     D                                                  A                       E The garnison sleeps and the citadel with the ghosts and the ancient stones    High on the parapet the scottish pipers stands alone High on the wind the howling runes speak of the rule                             And something from the past just comes and stares into my soul   Cold on a tollgate where the caledonian moves Cold on a tollgate god knows what I can do with you   That’s what it is  (riff1)      It’s what it is now  (riff2)   SOLO:           F#m There’s a chink of light as a burning wick A There’s a lantern in  the tower D                                                                                    A                 E Wee Willie Winkie with the candle sticks still writing songs in the mean Wee hours F#m                                                                    A           On charlotte street they take a walking stick from my hotel D                                                              E The ghost of dirty dick is still in search of little nell   That’s what it is…..

Аккорды «What It Is (2)», «Mark Knopfler»