Аккорды и текст песни «Kingdom Come», «Manowar»

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G G See the white lights G The light within E Be your own disciple E Fan the sparks of will B C For all of us waiting G Your kingdom will come G Rays of power shining G F# Rays of magic fall E All the golden voice E That speaks within us all B C For all of us waiting G G A B B C Your kingdom will come G G A B B C Kingdom come G ........ Fear the white lights The light within Yeah it burns of fire If tries a man to win But all of us waiting Your kingdom will come Kingdom come Words of power Calling to us all Holding us together While other kingdoms fall No longer waiting Our kingdom has come Kingdom come SOLO Kingdom coming Now the kingdom falls The rightful are waiting With all ...(?) Wait and receive The weight of the power Ohh Kingdom come .. .. ..

Аккорды «Kingdom Come», «Manowar»