Аккорды и текст песни «The Whistling Gypsy», «Makem Tommy»

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# #003 {title:The Whistling Gypsy} {st:Tommy Makem} The G[G]ypsy R[D]over came [G]over the h[D]ill, D[G]own through the v[D]alley so s[G]hady[D]. He wh[G]istled and he s[D]ang 'till the gr[G]eenwoods r[C]ang, And [G]he won the h[D]eart of a [G]lad[C]y. [G] [D7] {c:Chorus:} Ah-di-do, ah-di-do ah-dey, Ah-di-do, ah-di dey-o, He whistled and he sang 'till the greenwoods rang, And he won the heart of a lady. She left her father's castle gate, She left her own true lover, She left her servants and her estate To follow the Gypsy Rover. {c:Chorus.} Her father saddled his fastest steed, Roamed the valley all over, Sought his daughter at great speed, And the whistling Gypsy Rover. {c:Chorus.} He came at last to a mansion fine, Down by the river Calyde, And there was music and there was wine For the Gypsy and his lady. {c:Chorus.} "He's no gypsy, my father," she said, "But lord of the freelands all over, And I will stay 'till my dying day With my whistling Gypsy Rover. {c:Chorus.} # # Submitted to the ftp.nevada.edu:/pub/guitar archives # by Steve Putz # 7 September 1992

Аккорды «The Whistling Gypsy», «Makem Tommy»