Аккорды и текст песни «Thoughtless», «Korn»

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This is played on a 7-stringed guitar tuned down a step / Slide TAD Tremelo Arm Dive ~ Vibrato * Palm damp INTRO gtr 1~clean, reverb INTRO gtr 2~clean, chorus, delay >repeated picking of notes INTRO gtr 3~pitch, reverb VERSE both gtrs~distortion PRE CHORUS gtr1~distortion * CHORUS gtr 1~distortion PLAY VERSE X4 PLAY PRE CHORUS X2 PLAY CHORUS X2 INTERLUDE gtr1~clean, chorus, heaps of delay INTERLUDE gtr2~slight overdrive, slight delay * ** * ** * ** * ** * * * ** ** ** * ** PLAY VERSE WITH GUITAR 3´S INTRO X4 PLAY GUITAR 3´S INTRO X1 PLAY CHORUS X4 END ON gtr 3~pitch, reverb

Аккорды «Thoughtless», «Korn»