Аккорды и текст песни «Touch By Touch», «Joy»

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Intro: Cm D# B Cm Cm When I feel the time is right, D# And your staying by my side, B And the love you give to me D# Makes my heart beat. When my fantasies fly away, But my feelings make me stay I see the fire in your eyes, It makes my heart beat. Chorus: Cm Fm Do it, we´ll still do it night and day B D# You´re my all time lover. Do it, we´ll still do in a way, Like there is no other. Touch by touch, You´re my all time lover. Skin to skin, Come under my cover. Cm D# B Cm When my heart full of love, It makes me a turtle in dove. Love the game that we play Night and day. When our love is clear and bright, It´s our way to see the light, There´s a fire in our hearts Night and day. Chorus. x3

Аккорды «Touch By Touch», «Joy»

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