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# *************** UP IN ARKANSAS **************** written by Tony Joe White and Ricky Ray Rector performed by Waylon Jennings. Capo on the 2nd fret. Verse 1: E Got me a rocker without no arms Ol' wood stove to keep me warm My firewood out of the rain I sit and watch the seasons change Verse 2: E There's a woman in Little Rock Got plenty of money down in her sock She come to see me time to time We sit on the porch and drink our wine Bridge 1: A E A man ought to know when he's got it all A E Holding it down up in Arkansas Verse 3: E Coyotes howl in the night The rats ate my food but that's alright They must have needed it more than me Ain't no sweat i'll eat their cheese Bridge 2: A E Way back in the woods a hoot-owl calls A E Making his rounds up in Arkansas Verse 4: E The eagle flies wild and free Catches fish down in my creek I watch him rise on the breeze I don't bother him he don't bother me Verse 5: Walmart moves into town Progress can't keep it down Tourists come from miles around I sit on the porch,the sun goes down Bridge 3: A E But i live way back from it all A E Doing alright up in Arkansas

Аккорды «Up In Arkansas», «Jennings Waylon»