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# ************* SILENT PARTNERS ************** written by Bobby Braddock performed by Waylon Jennings Verse 1: E He stands in the doorway,his hands upon his hips She stands by the jukebox,a sweet smile on her lips He slowly walks up to her,she reaches out for him It's almost like some magnet is pulling both of them B Then he says... A And she says... Chorus: E Silent partners,they don't say a word She is the adjective and he is the verb A They speak with their bodies and they talk with their eyes B A They don't make no promises so they don't tell no lies E Silent partners Silent partners Verse 2: E Later in their love-nest at half-past ecstasy They cling to each other and lie there silently She would like to tell him what she feels in her heart And he would like to bare his soul But don't know where to start B So he says... A And she says... Chorus. Chorus (last half of it).

Аккорды «Silent Partners», «Jennings Waylon»