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# *************** OLD TIMER (THE SONG) *************** written and performed by Waylon Jennings. Verse 1: D A I grew up in Wyoming D In and around Jackson's hole A In the shadows of the Tetons Where summers are hot D And winters unbearably cold G But the Spring and the Fall D Are always as good as it gets A For over 70 years now D I'd watch the sun rise and set Verse 2: A I've been a cowboy D Working the round-ups in spring A I've lived in the mountains Hunted the grizzly D Trapping the rivers and streams G Always the loner D I've treasured my freedom the most A And though i never married D As a young man i might have come close Verse 3: G From somewhere back east She came to the valley D With a man who did her no good G He was fast with the ladies A tin horn gambler D And a cheat whenever he could G She had no friends or family D Most of the time he was gone A He died in a card game D And she found herself all alone Verse 4: G Alone and afraid and left unprotected D 'Cause he was all that she had G Maybe i should have But i never told her D So she never knew he was bad G But i'll always remember D Standing and watching her cry A There was no one to help her D But i was determined to try Verse 5: A I mended her fences and Fixed up her cabin D I had everything looking good A I laid by her food And wood for the winter D Helping wherever i could G The more i was around her D The more i wanted to be A There was something about her D That brought out a good side of me Verse 6: G I went into town,i brought a new outfit D I got me a haircut and shave G I'd trek through the snow For no good reason D Just to go by her cabin each day G I don't know about love D But i was quite taken in by it all A Till her brother came in the Spring D And he took her back to St. Paul Verse 7: A I don't go down to Jackson D Ain't nothing there but motels and bars A Too damn many tourists No place to hide D They'll find you wherever you are G They like to call me old timer D I am getting older i guess A But i don't like the changes D 'Cause i've seen it all at its best Verse 8: A When my life is over D I don't want to be left in town A But up in the mountains There is a place D I've marked off my own piece of ground G High in the Tetons D Above and away from it all A From the top of old Grand I bet on a clear day - you can see D All the way to St. Paul

Аккорды «Old Timer», «Jennings Waylon»