Аккорды и текст песни «Nobody Knows», «Jennings Waylon»

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# *************** NOBODY KNOWS **************** written and performed by Waylon Jennings. Verse 1: B Well i nearly got caught at a Burger King And a couple of times on a plane E I thought i was safe from detection With all of the weight i had gained B But walking around in a jumpsuit That didn't work worth a damn E So i bought me some Levis and grew me a beard F# B And you'll never guess who i am Chorus: E Nobody knows i'm Elvis Nobody knows this is me After all of my tries...i've got The perfect disguise B And i'm who i want to be E Nobody knows i'm Elvis Nobody knows this is me Verse 2: B Bet you thought i was ol'Waylon With all of my rugged good looks E Swagger and walk,body and soul I bet he had what it took B I've always envied his singing The way he played a guitar E Black vest and hat,that's where it's at F# B That's what i call a star Chorus. Bridge: F# I want to show you Graceland,baby That's where you ought to be I'll give you a call...but let's keep it all B Somewhere between you and me Chorus.

Аккорды «Nobody Knows», «Jennings Waylon»