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# ************** HANK WILLIAMS SYNDROME ************* written and performed by Waylon Jennings Verse 1: E Ramblin' about Down through the South A E I find things are a changing a lot Especially me It's easy to see A E Montgomery's still hot,and i'm not Verse 2: E I stopped by today At Hank Williams's grave A E My hero from the days of my youth Was that him or me That i used to be A B In the times when i searched for the truth Chorus: A E Hank you were my inspiration A And I was obsessed with your ways But to tell you the truth E It's no thanks to you B That i'm still living today A E Hank i still love your music A And in spite of the things i've just said You'll always be E A hero to me D A E But the Hank Williams syndrome is dead Verse 3: E The new hats are here And it's increasingly clear A E Our day is slipping on by They're not like me and you But that's alright,too A B They could keep the music alive Chorus.

Аккорды «Hank Williams Syndrome», «Jennings Waylon»