Аккорды и текст песни «Vitamin», «Incubus»

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Standard G,D,A,E tuning. Guitar plays alone for a while w/ a phaser pedal. Intro while guitar w/ phaser pedal is playing: G|-----------| D|-----------| A|-----------| repeated until the heavy part of the E|-0-0-0-000-| intro. 2nd part of intro (the heavy part) G|------------------| D|-2-2--------------| repeated until 1st verse, then A|---------3h5------| the verse is the same as the E|-----0-0-----0-00-| first intro part. Verse G|-----------| D|-----------| It may be hard to get the rhythm, but A|-----------| listen to the way it is in the song, E|-0-0-0-000-| and this is correct. Chorus G|-----------------------------------| similar to the heavy intro, D|-2-2-------------------------------| but slightly different. You A|---------3h5------5-5--------------| may have to hear the CD to E|-----0-0-----0-00-----0-0-3h5-0-00-| get the rhythm. *there's a part after the 2nd chorus where it is just Brandon playing a bongo drum, then the bridge kicks in* Bridge G|-----------------| D|-2---2-----------| this repeats a few times until Brandon says A|-------3-2---2---| "coming closer to" and then it's a simple E|---------------3-| beat that is just: G|-----| D|-----| A|-----| E|-0-0-| Outro G|------------------| D|-2-2--------------| it's the same as the heavy intro. this goes A|---------3h5------| till the end of the song. E|-----0-0-----0-00-| Sorry I didn't write how many times to play each part or anything, but man I really gotta piss bad, so I didn't have time. haha. I coulda finished it later, but nah...

Аккорды «Vitamin», «Incubus»