Аккорды и текст песни «The Final Chapter», «Hypocrisy»

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There is a bunch of tabs for this song, but all of them are for alternative tunnings... So basicly the difference in this one it that it is for standard E-tunnng. So tune guitar to EADGBE. Riff 1 Verse 1: During some abduction´s... I´m aware of them Of their taking spermsamples... In many different ways, they´ve done it in many different ways Riff 2 Verse 2: With tubes, with a... like catheters, a... There´s one way I have not been able to deal with Emotionaly or under aggression (regression) Riff 3 Verse 3: And that`s when there`s a being on top of me Verse 4: I can feel it growing stronger... I´ve got nothing to live for... Only to stay another victim Riff 4 Verse 5: They`ve been torturing me my whole life I cannot understand, why!?? Riff 5 Verse 6: For how long can I go, When they have already raped every inch of me Why won`t they leave me alone? This is not a life I`ve chosen Riff 6 Verse 7: It is time to put an end to this pain Riff 4 x 2 I wanna get away from this hell!!! Riff 1 x 4 Verse 8: Those black empty eyes... hunting me Riff 1 x 2 I must take my life to be free The whole structure: Riff 1 x 8 Riff 2 x 2 Riff 3 x 4 Riff 1 x 4 Riff 4 x 4 Riff 5 x 4 Riff 6 x 4 Riff 3 x 2 Riff 4 x 2 Riff 1 x 10 Riff 1 x x

Аккорды «The Final Chapter», «Hypocrisy»