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# : Tue, 28 Jun 94 17:35:45 EDT Subject: Haggard, Merle; Sing Me Back Home.crd Sing Me Back Home Merle Haggard A E D A The warden led a prisoner down the hallway to his doom A E I stood up to say good-bye like all the rest A E D A And I heard him tell the warden just before he reached my cell A E A 'Let my guitar playing friend do my request.' (Let him...) CHORUS: A E D A Sing me back home with a song I used to hear A E Make my old memories come alive A E D A Take me away and turn back the years A E A Sing Me Back Home before I die I recall last Sunday morning a choir came in from town Just to sing a few old gospel song And I heard him tell the singers 'There's a song my mama sang. Can I hear once before we move along?' CHORUS [A E D - A] [Sing Me Back Home before I die ]

Аккорды «Sing Me Back Home», «Haggard Merle»