Аккорды и текст песни «Civil War (btab)», «Guns N Roses»

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Intro Look at your young men fighting... ^^^^^^^ Fast Verse My hands are tied... (heavily distorted guitars come in) ^^^^^ Fast Play this twice over the first guitar solo: And end with: There`s no bass for a few bars at this point. When Axl sings "So I never fell for Vietnam...", play the following once: Chorus Play all of this twice: Over Slash`s second solo, play the chorus again twice, but replacing And ending with this after the second repetition: Eb|-0~- Look at the blood we`re spilling... Now play the verse once, then the chorus twice, followed by this outro played four times: Outro And then end the song on:

Аккорды «Civil War (btab)», «Guns N Roses»