Аккорды и текст песни «Dytybom», «Guano Apes»

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Dm(5) Boy you´re killin´ me with your funny smile my heart is beatin´ loud as hell I´m divin´ in your eyes My whole life is upside and down when you´re chasin´ down my skin the more I run away from you the closer you draw near Take me to the age of feelin´ heart against my skin show me places I have longed for in santity and sin Locked intense inside my head your touch will set me free I hold until the sun comes up if you´ll be there for me I wonder if let me (4x) Don´t you turn your back on me take a look at where you wanna be don´t be scared of what you see Oh, the only thing that´s killin´ you is me Now your livin´ me with your angry eys my love gets lost with you I was savin´ you last night Locked intense inside my head your trust will set us free the you run away from me the closer I draw near I wonder... (4x) Don´t you...

Аккорды «Dytybom», «Guano Apes»