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Round Table(Forever) F#m 1) Table of the finest wood A ~G#~A~G#~E Mankind has ever seen Without head and without foot F#m A~G# A sign of eternity All knights are equal here And so is even the King Our swords point to its center Giving us the power to win Chorus: F#m G# A Together we stand H A G# F#m Steel in our hands C# H G# Fighting forever A H C# H Forever we stand Forever we fight Side by side Forever we stand Forever we fight 2) Give us the wisdom - Almighty Lord To make out wrong from right Give us the will to choose the Right And the readiness to sacrifice We become free in serving each other We´re Camelots pounding heart Round table of true brothers Until death do us part Chorus: Песня подобрана нами.Соло B cередине подбору не подлежит.

Аккорды «The Round Table (Forever)», «Grave Digger»