Аккорды и текст песни «Girl On The Moon», «Foreigner»

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Girl On The Moon" (M.Jones/L.Gramm) From the album "4" ========================================================== Chords by Liam Callaghan 4eigner.net The Foreigner Website ========================================================== I've finally worked out the chords to this song, I think, when I had a try on a piano the other day. I can't swear it's absolutely 100%, but it sounds right. It's actually quite similar to "Waiting For A Girl Like You": Intro, all on Am Am It's night, again - time for my mind to go wandering Am Off on a journey, through space and time, in search of a face I can never find F G Am So I close my eyes and look inside Am I can't forget, the night that I saw her we never met Am She felt so close to me as I reached for her hand, she drifted away like the desert sand F G Am It was her and she was gone Fmaj7 G I wish she'd come back tonight Fmaj7 G Like a star shining bright Fmaj7 G I don't know where she's from [Chorus all on Am] Am She's like a girl on the moon A girl on the moon She's like a girl on the moon A girl on the moon Solo: Fmaj7 G Fmaj7 G Am Am Am Am Then the last verse and chorus as before, continue fading out on the chorus. There, hope that helps. Cheers, Liam.

Аккорды «Girl On The Moon», «Foreigner»