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Foo Fighters - Gimme Stitches (Normal Tuning) Intro (Gtr. 1) e||---------------|| B||---------------|| G||---------------|| D||---------------|| A||--2/4-0-0-0-0--|| E||---------------|| (Gtr. 1 - 2nd version) e||---------------|| B||---------------|| G||------9-9-9-9--|| D||------7-7-7-7--|| A||------0-0-0-0--|| E||--5/9----------|| (Guitar 2) e||---------------|| B||---------------|| G||--4/6-2-2-2-2--|| D||---------------|| A||---------------|| E||---------------|| (High Guitar) e||--5---3-5--|| B||----5------|| (Repeat) G||-----------|| D||-----------|| A||-----------|| E||-----------|| Verse A5 G5 F#5 E5 Chorus A5 D5 F5 C5 "Dress me up in stiches..." "Blood on you..." Bridge A5 A5/Ab G5 G5/F# e||--------------------|| B||--------------------|| G||--------------------|| D||--7----7----5----5--|| A||--7----7----5----5--|| E||--5----4----3----2--|| "How can you go on..." Outro F5 C5 "Gimme stiches..." Outro e||---------------------------------------------------|| B||---------------------------------------------------|| G||---------------------------------------------------|| D||------------------------------------5---7b8r7---5--|| A||------3--5b6r5---3------------5h7------------------|| E||--3/5----------------------------------------------|| I can be your right way so we can get out of here i'll always be the one who runs from everyone cause everyone's just too weird sink with someone tied to me i'm making you volunteer another one has come and gone they crawl along, make them disappear dress me up in stitches it's now or never dying to get my blood on you take another stab at me i promise in time i'll heal But yesterday went on and on a bit too long i waited out on high street there's nothing to find out here another day has come and gone the crawl along, wasting all these years how can you go on when you're murdering someone killing me like you do gimme stitches now or never before i get my blood on you

Аккорды «Gimme Stitches», «Foo Fighters»