Аккорды и текст песни «Nights Are Forever», «England Dan»

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# : Tue, 7 Nov 1995 19:22:47 -0500 Subject: CRD Nights are forever without you/Eng. Dan & JF Coley Nights Are Forever Without You P. McGee (c) 1976 Performed by England Dan and John Ford Coley E F#m(addE) Lyin' in bed with the radio on A B E Moonlight falls like rain E F#m(addE) Soft summer nights spent thinkin' of you A E When will I see you again CHORUS: F#m G#m A E Soft and low the music moans F#m G#m A I can't stop thinking about you B Thinkin' 'bout you E B A A B I didn't know it would be so strong E B A Waiting and wondering about you E B A A B I didn't know it would last so long E B A Nights are forever without you E B A, E A E F#m(addE) The curtains still dance with the wind and the sky A B E The sun'll be coming up soon E F#m(addE) But I just can't sleep for thinkin' of you A E Here alone with the moon [repeat CHORUS] F#m(addE): 044200

Аккорды «Nights Are Forever», «England Dan»