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{title:Tequila Sunrise} {subtitle:By The Eagles} [G]It's another tequila sunrise [D]Starin' slowly 'cross the [Am]sky[D7], said good[G]bye [G]He was just a hired hand [D]Workin on the dreams he planned to [Am]try[D7], the days go [G]by [Em]Every night when the [C]sun goes down [Em]Just another [C]lonely boy in [Em]town And [Am]she's out runnin' [D7]round [G]She wasn't just another woman [D]And I couldn't keep from comin' [Am]on[D7], it's been so [G]long [G]Oh and it's a hollow feelin' [D]When it comes down to dealin' [Am]friends[D7], it never [G]ends [Am]Take another [D]shot of courage [Bm]Wonder why the [E]right words never [Am]come[B], you just get [Em7]numb [A] [G]It's another tequila sunrise [D]This old world still looks the [Am]same[D7], another [G]frame

Аккорды «TequilaSunrise», «Eagles»