Аккорды и текст песни «LightMyFire.2», «Doors»

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{t:Light my fire} {st:The Doors} You [Dm7]know that it would be un[Bm7]true you [Dm7]know that I would be a [Bm7]liar [Dm7]if I was to say to [Bm7]you [Dm7]girl, we couldn't get much [Bm7]higher [C]Come on baby [D]light my [G]fire [Em] [C]come on baby [D]light my [G]fire [Em] [C]try to set the [G]night on [A] fire The time to hesitate is through no time to wallow in the mire try now we can only loose And our love become a funeral pyre {c: chorus}

Аккорды «LightMyFire.2», «Doors»