Аккорды и текст песни «Country B Sam (V. Elmes)», «Christie»

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Country Sam ============ A-E A-E A-E A-E A G I never thought I could meet such a man A G A He never speaks but I know that he can D A He makes his money this way: D A Gives it all away D Hm E He makes money like fools make trouble that way Chorus D A E A Country Sam's a superman D A E A Always does the best he can D A E A People think he's just a fool D A E But I know better now A-E A-E 2nd verse He helped me when he knew I was down He picked me up just as I hit the ground Well I couldn't refuse He knew what to do I felt happy and then I suddenly knew Chorus Bridge Fm# A Fm# A Even when I'm feeling insecure Fm# A Hm D Suddenly I see him and he opens up the door A-E A-E A-E A-E Chorus A-E A-E A-E A-E

Аккорды «Country B Sam (V. Elmes)», «Christie»