Аккорды и текст песни «All I`ve Got To Do (crd)», «Beatles»

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1. Whenever [Ami]I want you a[C]round, yeah, All I gotta [Ami]do, is [Dmi]call you on the phone, [Dmi7]And you`ll come running home, [Fmi]Yeah that`s all I [C]gotta do. 2. And when I, I wanna kiss you yeah, All I gotta do is whisper in your ear the words you want to hear, And I`ll be kissing you. {Middle:} And the same goes for [F]me, whenever you want me at all, I`ll be [Ami]here, yes I will, whenever you call, You [F]just gotta call on [C]me, [Ami]yeah, You [F]just gotta call on [C]me. 3. And when I, I wanna kiss you, yeah, All I wanna do is call you on the phone, and you`ll come running home, Yeah that`s all I gotta do. Hm-m[Ami]m-m-m-m-m m-m-m-m [C]m.

Аккорды «All I`ve Got To Do (crd)», «Beatles»