Аккорды и текст песни «(Sweet Emotion btab)», «Aerosmith»

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Hand transcribed by lil` old me... Sweet Emotion has 3 bass riffs, each one a measure long. It`s not hard to figure out which goes where, but I`ve added a line of lyrics under each part to get you started. e e s s s e e s e s s Sweet..........Emotion........ Sweet..........Emotion........ (Hey, while on the subject, this is a good place to practice singing the backing lyrics. If you get REALLY good, try singing the vocal harmony which is a fourth above the lead line. I think.) e e. e s s s e e e e. = dotted 8th note (clever, huh?) Standing in the front just shaking your ass Take you backstage you can drink from my glass s s s s e s s e s e e no lyrics over this part

Аккорды «(Sweet Emotion btab)», «Aerosmith»